GTData is a collection of tools for converting several source GIS data formats to the GTViewer format as well as 50+ tools for manipulating, validating, and creating GTViewer data.

The GTViewer family of products uses a data format specifically designed to support the unique requirements of spatially organized information in the mobile computing and web application environments.   This format is very flexible and capable of supporting a variety of source data formats:

  • Intergraph FRAMME® and Field View® data
  • Intergraph G/Technology (versions 9 and 10)
  • Oracle Spatial
  • Intergraph MGE® data
  • Smallworld GIS data, including PNI
  • Bentley MicroStation® data
  • Milsoft's WindMil® Exports
  • ESRI Shapefiles and GeoDatabases

Safe Software's FME along with the GTViewer Reader/Writer Plug-In can also be used to read GTViewer data and to convert many GIS formats to the GTViewer format.  FME supports a large number of formats allowing GTViewer, GT/Field, and GTWeb to use virtually any GIS source data format.