The GTViewer Objects allow the creation of applications in Visual Studio .NET to create, modify, or read data in the GTViewer format.  While the inspiration for these objects was to aid in the creation of GTViewer data, their uses have evolved well beyond this original task to include data analysis, processing of collected data, and data manipulation.  The GTViewer Objects make it easy to mesh GTViewer's data with other applications, and for other applications to directly compose or consume GTViewer's data.   The GTViewer Objects are also used internally by other GTI products including GTWeb, GTShare, Oracle Spatial Loader, and the GTech Data Loader.

The GTViewer Objects provide low-level access to Graphics Files (.GTG), Spatial Index Files (.GTN), Filter Files (.FLT), Style Definition files (.DEF, .MAP), Manager Files (.GTM), Tabular Data (.TXT, .IDX, .TAB), and Font files (.DFN).   

The APIs for GTViewer and GTVx provide the same capabilities for reading and writing GTViewer data as the GTViewer Objects; however, the GTViewer Objects do not have a GUI interface and can operate at a much lower level making them ideal for applications that need specific access to data without the overhead of rendering and document protocols.