GTSpot facilitates crowdsourced, incident and problem reporting.   Users can quickly and easily report a problem, damage, issue, or observation with a Photo, Note, and Geographic Location.  Crowdsourcing adds a new dimension to data collection as it empowers both the public and employees.  GTSpot was designed for field problems like burned out street lights, day burner street lights, water leaks, vegetation management, line clearance, drainage problems, or anything of relevance that a photo, note,  and map coordinate can convey. 

GTSpot Client

The GTSpot Client is available for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and for Android (phones/Tables).  It allows users to quickly and easily submit a photo, note, incident category, email address, and location (latitude/longitude/altitude) to a GTSpot Server.    

GTSpot Server

The GTSpot Server collects all information posted by the GTSpot Client apps.   Each post is stored as a record in its database, email confirmations are send to the GTSpot Client user, and notification emails are optionally sent to an email list defined on the server (the record’s Category field can be used to route these notification emails as well).  

Custom Branding

GTI offers GTSpot branding to incorporate your own company’s logo and badging and preset it to only send to your company’s GTSpot Server.  Branded versions of GTSpot can then be put in the Apple App Store and Google Play. 

Using the Collected Data

The GTSpot Admin application provides a console view of all posts that have been collected.  The user can browse the GTSpot records and view their associated photos.   Records can also be deleted, modified, and forwarded via email to another user.   The GTSpot database can also be accessed directly and all collected images are embed with EXIF information containing the latitude and longitude as well as the other collected information.

The GTSpot Importer is an Add-On Application for GTViewer that displays the GTSpot information graphically on the map view in GTViewer.   

GTWeb can also utilize the GTSpot information where any GTSpot records will display as a marker linked to the GTSpot record information.