GTTrace is a development tool which provides a powerful Network Tracing Engine.   GTTrace abstracts the complexity of network tracing away from developers allowing them to focus on the task at hand.


  • Support for both database driven and graphic coincidence connectivity models
  • Bulk and Node-to-NodeProcessing Modes
  • Minimum/Maximum Path
  • Depth and Breadth First Searches
  • Priority Searches (such as street navigation)
  • Supports both graphical and tabular-only user interfaces
  • Seamless integration with GTViewer and GTVx
  • Use with your own graphical interface.
  • Use with Visual Basic or Visual Studio .NET
  • Both an ActiveX Control version and a .NET Assembly are available.


GTViewer for Windows showing an Upstream/Downstream Trace.

GTViewer for iOS calling a Web App to find Downstream Customers.