The GTViewer .NET Control for Windows is a development tool for Visual Studio .NET.  This tool can be used with VB.NET or C# to add GTViewer’s  functionality to any .NET application.  While similar in concept to the GTViewer ActiveX Control (GTVx), the .NET controls were designed specifically for .NET development and take advantage of many features this development platform offers.  The .NET Control can be used to build custom applications specific to your workflows, or it can be used to integrate GIS capabilities into your existing mobile or desktop applications.

Key Features

  • Integrated GPS support
  • View Navigation and Manipulation
  • Feature, Point, Line, Area, and GPS Capture Modes
  • Attribute Info
  • Display Control
  • Queries
  • Redlines
  • Data Monitors
  • Uses GTViewer’s data formats

Key Features for Windows Platform

  • Printing
  • Multi-View Support
  • Supports Windows Desktops and Laptops