The GTShare Server is a back-end component designed to facilitate the sharing of graphic and tabular information between GTViewer users.  

GTShare was originally conceived as a tool to get redlines drawn with GTViewer for iOS and GTViewer for Android off the device and to share them with other users, but it has evolved to include GTViewer for Windows as well.  GTShare was designed to work in an occasionally connected environment so that when a network connection is available, updates to the shared data can be sent to and received from the server.   However, a connection is not required for normal operation. 

 GTShare provides clients the ability to post new data, changes, and deletes as well as download a complete shared dataset or only what has changed in the shared dataset since the user's last update.  GTShare also supports multiple Projects allowing a single server to manage different applications and classes of users.  

Besides the support provided by the GTViewer family of products, a .NET Assembly is also available to enable your custom applications to directly post data to the GTShare Server and to directly get updates.  This feature is ideal for managing collected data from custom application that perform  inspections, inventories, or scouting.   The .NET Assembly can also provide access to redlines in applications outside of the GTViewer family.

GTShare supports two webserver platforms: IIS/ASP.NET and Linux/Apache.   The IIS/ASP.NET version is the full product with all features, but the Linux/Apache version provides basic functionality and will run on the GTViewer Server Box or other Linux/Apache servers.

GTViewer for iOS

GTViewer for Windows