The GTViewer Server Box is a small, portable, self-contained server running the GTViewer Data Server and GTShare.  GTViewer for iOS, GTViewer for Android, and the GTViewer Data Client on Windows can all connect directly to the GTViewer Server Box via WiFi and download or update their local GIS Data as well as post or retrieve redlines and collected data.   

GTViewer for iOSGTViewer for Android, and GTViewer for Windows all take your GIS Data to the field, and they do not rely on a connection to a server for normal operation.   This feature makes them ideal for storm/disaster situations where network access is not available, unreliable, or inaccessible.  However, what do you do if you need to update your data during a critical time and the internet or internal network is not available?

With GTViewer for Windows, there are many ways to load and update your GIS Data on a laptop (using SD cards, thumb drives, DVDs, etc.); with the device versions of GTViewer, their sandboxed environments complicate this process.  The GTViewer Data Server was developed as a Web App running under IIS to host your GIS Data so devices can easily download or update their local copies of the data.   GTViewer for Windows can also use the GTViewer Data Sever to download and update its GIS Data via the GTViewer Data Client app.   This workflow operates very well except when you need to load or update the GIS Data on your devices at critical times (storms, disasters, etc.) and no internet or intranet connectivity is available.  Consequently, these critical times are when GTViewer is most valuable.   The GTViewer Server Box fills in this gap when data updates are needed, but the internet is not available.


  • Supports GTViewer Data Server and GTShare.
  • Requires no Internet connection or network connection of any kind.
  • Supports a variety of Power sources: AC Outlet, Car Adapter, Battery, USB.
  • Appears just like the standard GTViewer Data Sever and GTShare to the clients.
  • Supports iOS, Android, and Windows clients.
  • Provides enough storage to support a number of GTViewer datasets.
  • Provides an easy way to update the GIS Data it serves out to the clients.
  • Provides security for the GIS Data.
  • Requires no display, keyboard, or mouse.
  • Extremely easy to use, portable, and reliable.